A better way to stake

We ensure 24/7/365 network uptime with 2 fallback fault tolerence node that ensures best returns on stake for our delegates

  • Competitive rates

    We provide competitive 4.5% fees to maintain all our servers. In future we will try to further reduce the fee.

  • No hidden fees

    There are no hidden fees apart from the fixed rate and fees. ADA is fully owned by you in your wallet and the rewards are directly sent to your wallets by the protocol itself.

  • Transfers are instant

    After completion of eah epoch you will recieve your rewards directly from Cardano protocol. No human intervention in the process. Fully automated by the Cardano protocol.

  • Notifications

    We commit to provide all latest information about Cardano to keep you updated. We will communicate and clear all your doubts regarding staking. Please join our telegram group

Let's mint some blocks in the pool!